Éloi Strée

Random APK generated on the side of the Eloi Lab that won't be in the lab as they are.
This app allows you to experiment in XR some demo then learn from the Github code of it.
Explose your enemy with their own tank gun by your hands.
Find here some of my Drone game using XR Quest2 and Lynx R1
Improve your communication skills with your computer and your softwares.
Hack Tool to redirect Restream Chat in your Unity Project.
Go from room to room in a Quest adventure.
Allow you to observer and record when your connection is down to solve the situation or complain.
Tool to trigger keystroke and macro on device.
Scrap your enemies and build your defense by your hands
Come explore your improvisation skills with puppets and show your power !
Poï Juggling experiment for Oculus Quest
Unknow radio is a mini-games experiment linked to music and theramin.
Warm Up your voice with vocal exercice.
Tool demo using Deck of Cards as tracker for Vuforia
An epic battle between Yin & Yang armies. (Req: 2 players & controllers)
Try to not be the king... But a god !