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 Oculus Quest Installation 

This game is a Oculus Quest game.
To play it, you need to side-load it.
Find how here: How to sideload ?

This game was make during a game jam years ago. But the theremin broke. So with the Quest I decided to make a version to allow the project to not take the dust.
Enjoy ;). I did.


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2020_07_01_OculusQuest_UnkownRadio.apk 90 MB


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The direct download link doesn't work

I check that tonight. Sorry for the inconvenient.

I don't know why my repository was removed. Probably an accident.
You can find the code of the project here, if you will:

I can't rebuild it now. But I will rebuilding as soon as possible maximum the 22 June.
I am going to add in the same time the hands tracking to the project while I am on it.

Thank for the notification.

Have you made any progress on uploading an apk?

Took me more time that I planned, because I wanted to change the room, clean some bug and add the hand tracking in the version to re-push.
The previous was as not a real theremin so I coded one more realistic for the hand  :)  

Damn sorry, that really no professional from me to make you wait so much.
The good news is that in the version I will send you tomorrow or tonight, you will have the ability to test a real theremin behavior.
 I pay you back a beer for the waiting if it is not done by tomorrow night.

Thanks, not a problem. Glad its getting updated

Did it ^^. Took me time but I did it ;)
You can find the new version for Quest.
(Tested a lot tonight but if you find a blocking bug, ping me)

Are you gonna release this on Sidequest?

My games are not enough finish to be shared on Side Quest (personal point of view). But if you wan, you can access them with this link on SideQuest (add repository):

Hi, recently check Sidequest update. The owner kick ass !
I will start publishing future games an previous on it :)