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Workshop Day 7, Artist:


Magic doors is a project to learn the package manager of Unity by publishing a room of 3x3x3 meter for Quest. Come check the version of the Technocité students. 

More information on the package manager:

More information on the magic door project:

Word of the participants:

"Magic Door is an innovative interactive experience born from the common mindset of artists and developers who follow parallel professional training courses centered around gaming. This experience is a Beta project meant to explore VR technology and its possibility within the context of the training.

The game is therefore, as you may have guessed, meant to be played with a VR headset. In it, you will travel various rooms and discover our artists' universes through colors and ambient sounds. In those rooms, you will be able to interact with different elements in your surrounding. We present a bit over 10 rooms for you to travel through with your headset."

Yohan DebusscherWostyn Thomas
Montina EnnioCorentin Haot
Jérémy LetoucheSébastien Van Santen
Romain CarlierCyril Lacroix
Matteo Helleux *Lionel Godineau
Dorval AlexandreLaetitia Monsieur
Selim Groteyasmina oumzil
Axel Neven **Noé Falesse
Médéric Allard Lorena Quaranta
Julien CoppenolleLory Colonius
Alexandre NavezAnthony Brison
* Integrator
** Developer Team Leader
Louis Lebrun

Maude L'Hoir,  Art: TweeterLinked-in
Éloi Strée, VR & Code KoFi - Linked-in


MagicRoom_V2020_06_22_Quest.zip.apk 124 MB
MagicRoom_V2020_06_22_S.zip 109 MB
MagicRoom_V2020_06_22_Window.zip 105 MB

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